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Gerson Kurz Source available. Similar to HTTP browser try both! A double click on a task reveals details like Windows belonging to this task. If you had any problems with the first version, then please re-download it! Alexey Babenko Registry 5. Unicode support for TC 7. Vitaly Knyazev Serial 2. The palm version now supports the Treo. Requires SSH2. It uses the sChannel secure library built into Windows. New in 2. Nokia or Sony Ericsson phones.

This provides a convenient way of transferring files e. JPGs, ring tones, application files in the software development cycle between desktop PC and mobile device. Ralf "Sabo" Saborowski Temporary Panel 1. Sergej Puljajev aka Gorbush Uninstaller64 1. Flint WebDAV 2. Try BarracudaDrive! What's new? Requires installed ActiveSync, otherwise it cannot be installed! Unicode support for Total Commander 7.

Android which do not have a drive letter, but appear in Windows Media Player so-called "Plays for sure"-Player. Requires Windows Media Player 10 or newer! Please update! Older versions than 1.

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A very small sample plugin mirrors local file system. It's well suited as a starting point for your own plugins. Background transfers TC 7. Link Description Author home Anytag site Anytag displays metadata of audio files in lister. It supports the following audio formats: Florian Heidenreich ArcView 1. Currently supported archive types: Dmitrie Murzaikin aka poiuytr Baseview 1.

Extensive filtering options. Convenient navigation: Very small and fast plugin. It does not require any program or library to be installed on your system. Ivan Petrovic fileinfo 2. Needs an installed Macromedia Flash Player. Use SWFView instead in the bit version. Chun Sejin hpg-ed 0. Other features: Rk IclView v Extract one or all icons. ProgMan13 Original: Pavel Imagine 1. Context pop-up menu allows for printing, for copying to the clipboard etc. Michael Diegelmann Jpegthumbs 1. Uses jpeglib by independent jpeg group.

It can play directly cda files from audio CD, play and show m3u list and display mp3 frame information, Id3V1 and V2 tags. If you use this plugin together with the Mmedia plugin, make sure to install this plugin after Mmedia, then you can press '4' to switch to this plugin and edit the tags. Alexey Tarasov OfficeView 1. Yuri Gershanov pdfview site pdfview. Florian Heidenreich playlist 1. For every song in the list, it displays file location, duration, filesize and id3tag info. You can copy either list or song info to clipboard Dark One SWFview 1.

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Needs an installed Adobe Flash Player. Progman13 SynUs 1. Print files with highlighted syntax. And many more Sergey Chernih SynWrite 6. Supports syntax highlighting for many languages, code folding, tree structure, autocomplete, support for many encodings, customizable hotkeys, themes and more. It works with file extensions: TAB and additional. A very small sample plugin shows line numbers to the left of each line. Link Description Author home Anytag site Anytag. Florian Heidenreich AudioInfo 1.

Supported formats: DirSizeCalc 2. All calculations are processed in background. Lefteous ExeFormat 0.

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Ported to bit by 'tbeu'. Sergey Urbanovich ExeInfo 1. Supports Unicode file names 2. Supports GPS coordinates, altitude and time 2. Support GPS data: Image direction in degrees 2. Sources included! Checking pathnames exceeds the character limit after moving folders Bleichroth id3 1.

Sorting images by size, showing image size below thumbnails Bleichroth Media 0. Duration in time-format, Duration in ms format, Audio stream information codec, bitrate and etc. Information cached in database. Konstantin Vlasov ShellDetails 1. You can copy, move, delete, rename your files and folders, access multimedia files located on your USB storage, as well as open and edit your documents.

Supported Android versions: Supported technologies: Can I try your product for free before buying? After the trial expires the software will be locked until you activate a purchased license. How can I work with my files using the Documents app on a Xiaomi device. How to decide whether my USB Storage device needs extra power supply?

wfx_iOS 1.3

There may be multiple factors indicating that an Android device does not provide enough power to the USB storage device: Nothing happens when the drive is connected to the Android device or the hard drive produces extraneous noises on connection. It takes a long time to mount volumes from the drive and mounting occasionally fails. Read and Write file operations sometimes freeze for several minutes. Now, other apps that provide access to USB storage cannot operate with the drive.

Once an app is set up as default for the flash drive, each time the drive is connected to your Android device it will be opened with this selected app unless you restore the default settings. The built-in Android File Manager is a native Android application included with the default stock configuration of Android.

SyncMate Synchronize data on your Mac with any device or online account.

Mobile version of the popular manager for Windows

VideoDuke Save videos from popular video websites in various file formats. CloudMounter Encrypt online cloud files and save disk space on your Mac.

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Uplet Upload multiple photos and videos to an Instagram right from your Mac. Hot Deals Find the hottest software deals. Eltima Box The best of our apps at a discounted price! Menu Eltima Software. Have a license for alternative software? Get special "migration" discount! Upgrade to PRO. Your iOS device can be easily mounted as a flash drive when you connect it to your computer with USB cable. Use iOS file transfer functionality to carry files from one Mac to another. Get access to all photos stored on your iPhone or iPad.