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I did all that is mentioned here: Create layout-sw folder and above that should work. RichieCr7 RichieCr7 98 1 6 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

2. Optimize layouts for larger screens

Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. You can adjust font sizes through styleable attributes or dimension resources , and you can adjust touch targets through layouts and bitmap drawables, as discussed above. If your app includes a home screen widget, here are a few points to consider to ensure a great user experience on tablet screens:.

To ensure the broadest possible distribution to tablets, make sure that your app properly targets the Android versions that support tablets. Initial support for tablets was added in Android 3. Unified UI framework support for tablets, phones, and other devices was introduced in Android 4. In most cases, you can target Android versions properly by setting the element's targetSdkVersion attribute to the highest API level available. Handsets and tablets typically offer slightly different hardware support for sensors, camera, telephony, and other features.

For example, many tablets are available in a Wi-Fi configuration that does not include telephony support. So that you can distribute a single APK broadly across your full customer base of phones and tablets, make sure that your app doesn't declare requirements for hardware features that aren't commonly available on tablets.

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Instead, properly declare the hardware features as not required in the app manifest, as described below. For example, here's the proper way to declare a dependency on android. After declaring hardware features as not required , make sure to test your app on a variety of devices. The app should function normally when the hardware features it uses are not available, and it should offer "graceful degradation" and alternative functionality where appropriate. For example, if an app normally uses GPS to set the location but GPS is not supported on the device, the app could let the user set the location manually instead.

How to fix optimising app issue (Android starting issue)in any android phone.

The app can check for device hardware capabilities at runtime and handle them as needed. To ensure that you can distribute your app to a broad range of tablets, your app should declare support for tablet screen sizes in its manifest file, as follows:. After you've created a rich, optimized UI for your tablet app, make sure that you let your customers know about it! Here are some key ways to promote your tablet app to users on Google Play. Tablet users want to know what your app is like on a tablet device, not on a phone. If you developed a tablet app, make sure to upload screenshots of your tablet UI to the Google Play Console.

Here are some guidelines:. Many users view an app's promotional video to get an idea of what the app is like and whether they'll enjoy it. For tablet users, capitalize on this interest by highlighting your app's tablet UI in your promotional video. Here are some tips and guidelines:. While searching i come across your blog where I found so many useful and informative articles in your blogs which show your hard work and seriousness with this blog. You have done good job. That is good website in blogspot.

How To Optimize Your Android Tablet ~ Best Android Tablet

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Best Apps to Maximize Android's Performance

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Asus laptops. Post a Comment. Android tablet is a option for cheap device that is able to meet the demanding needs of tablet users. Home About.

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